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Star Designer Lighting Range

Star Designer Lighting Range

Star Lighting Collection designed by Studio technico metallux, this lighting range comprises table lamps, pendant lamps, ceiling lights, wall lights and floor lamps. All these lighting products are constructed from a chromed central structure made of shaped metal,  which acts the support of different pyrex glass, applied by pressure and fixed by means of a simple gasket made ​​of transparent plastic. This makes the mounting of the lamp intuitive and quick, without the need to use tools of any kind.

The glasses are available in differing decorations making these lights very adaptable to your interior design: transparent crystal, white, black, cherry, lilac, amber, and finally magenta. Also available in gold, copper and silver leaf finish.

Metal Lux - Metal Lux has been manufacturing and selling decorative lighting fittings for over 40 years. Immerged in the beauty of the Venetian countryside, our articles are born in a deeprooted lighting tradition, which utilizes only Italian feedstocks and has the pride of being, from production to distribution, 100% Made in Italy. 

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