Magnetic Track system

Magnetic Track system
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Display luminaire LED Spot down, black, 5000K

DISPLAY FITTING spot down for the low-voltage display cabinet system. The floodlight has a powerful ..

£83.88 £49.07 Ex Tax: £40.89

M-TRACK, end caps, black

Black end caps for the magnetic stick system...

£4.79 £3.11 Ex Tax: £2.59

M-TRACK, mains plug, black

Power connector for our magnetic stick system. ..

£11.99 £7.79 Ex Tax: £6.49

M-TRACK, Spot, 3.7W, black

M-TRACK spot with suitable adapter for the M-TRACK low-voltage track system. The spot has a powerful..

£71.88 £46.73 Ex Tax: £38.94

M-TRACK, track, 2 m, black

Aluminium bearing track of the magnetic track system. With the optional accessories, the assembly of..

£83.88 £54.53 Ex Tax: £45.44