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Emergency Exit Signs
Emergency Exit Signs
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Tropic lighting by Metallux
Tropic lighting by Metallux
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Designers of the Grok Lighting range

on June 24, 2014 .

Blomma Red Pendant light from the Grok Lighting Rane

JBA Design - Jantze, Brogård & Asshoff Design.
"We beautify and simplify our surroundings to improve the everyday life"

JBA Design

The multi-award winners Moa Jantze, Hanna Bogård and Johanna Asshoff are the three young Swedish furniture designers behind JBA Design. Their sophisticated yet functional creations of Swedish imnspiration perfectly combine poetic essence and unique shapes into their lighting designs





Estudi Ribaudí
"We work in a world where ideas are born, make them grow and transform them into objects"


Estudi Ribaudi DesignerIn 1990, the industrial designer Jordi Ribaudí, chosen by the Organising Committee of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games (COOB’92) to design some of the sports equipment for the Games. He founded Estudi Ribaudí - his own industrial and interior design practice - in 1996, where he has been working since. Nowadays, he is also a lecturer at a school of design. He brings this vast range of experience and diversity to his lighting design to produce beautiful lighting pieces.





Benedito Design
"The use of beauty"

Benedito DesignThe industrial designer Ramon Benedito specialises in product design and development. He founded Benedito Designs in 1973, and in 1992 received Spain’s National Design Award. He currently works in the development of projects for some of Spain's major companies.




Josep Patsí
"When art and technique come together"

Josep Patsi Designer for LEDS-C4Josep Patsí is an industrail designer specilised in decorative lighting design. After having worked for numerous prestigous comapanies, he is currently in charge of LEDS-C4 design team.






Francese Vilaró
"Moulding the light allows us to design the context creating unique spaces and environments."

Francese Vilaro DesignerFrancesc Vilaró is an industrial designer with further studies in Architecture and Project Engineering. In 2004, he started his own company, which specialises in product design and development. Nowadays, Vilaró combines his work at his practice with his role as a lecturer at a prestigious school of design.





WIS Design
"Wisdom and poetry for everyday objects"

WIS DesignThe two young Swedish designers Lisa Widén and Anna Irinarchos have received several awards for their innovative interior and furniture designs. Their fresh, contemporary pieces combine tradition and functionality. WIS Design has become in recent years one of Sweden’s leading design companies.










Nahtrang Disseny
"Working with light is a challenge. Obtaining a great result is magic"

Nahtrang Disseny Design
The industrial designers Daniel Vila and Esther Pujol won the Spanish Association of Industrial Design award (Medalla ADI) in 2000. Three years later, they set up their own design practice. Vila and Pujol currently combine their work at Nahtrang Dissent with their roles as lecturers at several schools of design.






Gemma Bernal
"As a designer I tend to propose useful, simple and warm objects"

Gemma Bernal Designer
Gemma Bernal has worked in design for more than 40 years, developing furniture, lighting, electric appliances, designer glasses, toys, stationary, street furniture, etc. Throughout her career she has received several national awards. In 2004, she established her own company, Gemma Bernal Diseño, and she currently combines work at her practice with lecturing at some of Spain’s most prestigious schools of design.










Ramón Valls
"A little bit more is always possible"

Ramon Valls Designer
Ramón Valls worked as an industrial designer in the bodywork and paper industry until 1992 when he started his career in interior and home design. His speciality is designing semi-handcrafted furniture and lighting, which he produces himself. He is currently designing lamps for well-known companies in the sector.









To view the wonderful range of lights please click here Grok Lighting Range

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