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Top 10 benefits of LEDs

on March 19, 2014 .

Image of LED Downlights in situational setting

You may be have heard a lot about LED lights and specifically LED Downlights recently and are wondering “What’s all the fuss about and do I need them?”. So, we compiled our concise list of the top 10 benefits of LED Lights.

1. Low Power consumption – LED lights require a lot less power to generate an equivalent amount of light when compared to other traditional light sources. Therefore they cost a lot less to run which is a major factor in choosing LED Downlights

2.  High Efficiency – LED lights convert electricity directly into light resulting in lower heat generation, so we get cooler light fittings and a light efficiency to power consumption that far exceeds incandescent and many fluorescent light sources. Also this low heat feature of LED lighting products make for a safer product for ourselves, our children, pets and wildlife.

3.  Cool, safe light – virtually no heat is generated from infra-red radiation and with the absence of damaging UV radiation means LEDs are cooler fittings with a cooler light output. This makes LED lights perfect for task lighting - cabinets, museums, food lighting - where the heat of other light sources could be damaging to the illuminated product.

4.  Reliable – As with any new technology you will find that there are many very poorly designed and constructed LED lights on the market at the moment. However, at AOM Lighting we are very particular about the LED down lights we sell. All of the LED downlights we sell have at least a 1 year replacement warranty and you should comfortably expect to have them running in your home for up to 15 years. It is more likely that you would have to replace the LED driver before having to replace your LED light. Please remember, don’t buy poor quality products and expect outstanding performance. We have seen many cheap downlights fail, flicker and produce inconsistent light colours within the same batch of lights. When you invest in a product that is supposed to last you 15 years, it pays to buy a quality product.

5.  Safe – low voltage LED’s are safe to use in moist areas or areas close to water. If they are supplied with a flex and plug they can also usually be installed without an electrician. They are an ideal solution for safe lighting within the home or garden.

6.  Fast – A great advantage of using the solid-state technology of LED lights is their ability to have an instantaneous “turn-on” and “turn-off” characteristic unlike CFL’s (compact fluorescents) which take some time to reach full luminosity. They are also well suited to strobing and chasing lighting effects.

7.  Small – LEDs compact construction allows for miniaturisation and discreet light fittings that would not be possible with traditional lighting technology.

8.  Excellent Light Control – well-defined low emission characteristics combined with purpose-designed lenses enable precise shaping and control of the beam spread from the LED. Some LED downlights have a 100 degree beam angle which means they provide a far more even light spread when compared to a standard halogen dowlights. Versatile and taking lighting to the next level.

9.  Sturdy– most LED downlight have a very high resistance to shock and vibration compared to traditional halogen light fittings.

10. Environmentally friendly – unlike CFL’s, LED’s do not contain mercury and so they are better for the environment in the long-term. They are also a recycable product.

LED Downlights
LED Cabinet Downlight shown in image

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